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Vintage Can Am Posters and Motor Racing Posters

Vintage Can Am posters capture the excitement of Can Am racing

Can-Am started out as a race series for Group 7 sports racers with two races in Canada (Can) and four races in the US (Am). The Can Am series was initially sponsored by J-Wax. The Series used the FIA Group 7 category with unrestricted engine capacity. The Group 7 category was essentially a formula libre for sports cars; the regulations were minimal and permitted unlimited engine sizes (and allowed turbocharging and supercharging), virtually unrestricted aerodynamics, and were as close as any major international racing series ever got to anything goes. As long as the car had two seats and bodywork enclosing the wheels, and met basic safety standards, it was legal under Can Am rules...

The images in the vintage Can-Am posters and motor racing prints in our selection below capture this spirit of freedom. We have gone further than only vintage Can-Am posters however, by including motor racing and car images of various kinds in what we hope is a good selection to meet your requirements.

Please note that the poster images reproduced above are dynamically updated according to search criteria so may not always contain specific images of vintage Can Am posters.

Definition of 'Can-Am': The Canadian-American Challenge Cup or Can-Am, was an SCCA/CASC sports car racing series from 1966 to 1974.

Vintage Can Am and other motor racing posters look all the more exciting if they are framed, and you will come across the various framing options that are available to you upon ordering your posters. These fine vintage car racing posters can evoke the thrill and excitement of the day, as well as bringing a focal point to your motor racing inspired home decor.

To conclude, for what is probably a great range of vintage Can Am and other racing posters and other vintage art prints available online visit All Posters by clicking on the print images of your choice above. Just click on an image to zoom in and find the ordering details. And please don't forget that your vintage prints or posters will look so much better if framed.

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